Slack configuration

Notifications to Slack channels are easy to configure with three input fields to be filled in. Please refer to the Set-up page for general set-up details.

Once set-up, you will get notifications of all the alerts discovered by Validio according to the notification rules you’ve set-up, directly into your chosen Slack channel.


1. Channel name

Give it a suitable name - perhaps named after the team accessing the channel? :)

2. Incoming webhook URL

Incoming webhook URL is used to connect to your Slack channel of choice. Don’t know where to find the incoming webhook URL? Follow Slack's excellent documentation to generate one.

3. Application link URL

Application link URL refers to the URL-address of the running Validio instance. This will be prefilled based on the web browser URL.

4. Display timezone

In what timezone timestamps should be displayed in.

Slack notification example

A sample Slack notificationA sample Slack notification

A sample Slack notification

A Slack notification includes:

Notification header

  1. Headline: #of alerts and name of affected pipeline
  2. Start and End: specifies the ingestion period of the data alerted for (‘Wait interval’ and ‘Maximum wait interval’ in notification configuration will result in longer ingestion time since Validio collects more alerts before sending it as a notification)

Individual alert anatomy:

  1. Alert: specifies type of monitor or filter, type of alert and feature monitored
  2. Partition: specifies which partition that triggered the alert
  3. Bounds and value: Bounds set by the alert (expected value) and the actual value that triggered the alert
  4. View: link to the specific partition view in the platform that triggered the alert
  5. See more: Expanding the slack message, by default will show two partitions in collapsed state. Will show up to 10 partitions in the expanded state