Send notifications to designated Slack channels.

Configuration Parameters

Field / OptionRequiredDescriptionExample
Channel typeSelect Slack as the Channel type to send notifications to.
NameIdentifier for the Channel, used to configure notification rules.Name it after the team accessing the channel.
Webhook URLWebhook URL provided by Slack to the specified Slack channel.

This allows Validio to contact Slack with notifications.
Application link URLURL to your Validio application instance, used to send notifications.

Note: This is predefined based on the web browser URL.

Slack Webhook URL


Where to find the Slack webhook URL?

Refer to Slack's documentation to generate a webhook.

Slack Notification

When the notification rule is triggered, a notification is sent to the specified Slack channel. The Slack notification includes the following:

Notification header:

  • Headline: Number of incidents and name of affected source.
  • Start and End: Specifies the read period of the data alerted for.

Individual incident layout:

  • Incident: Specifies type of validator, filter, and threshold.
  • Segment: Specifies which segment triggered the threshold.
  • Bounds and value: Bounds set by the threshold (expected value) and the actual value that triggered the threshold.
  • View: Link to the specific segment in the platform that triggered the threshold.
  • See more: Expand the Slack message. By default, two segments are displayed in a collapsed state. An expanded state displays up to 10 segments.



Validio does not send notifications for backfilled incidents.

Slack Notification Example

Example of a notification displayed in Slack.

Example of a notification displayed in Slack.

  1. Number of incidents on specified source
  2. Notification message
  3. Click View to open the Validator details in Validio.
  4. Click See more to expand the notification message.