Changelog 3.1

Validio 3.1 introduces difference threshold, improvements to user experience for Sources, and an integration for ClickHouse.

Changelog 3.0

Validio 3.0 introduces Root Cause Analysis for incident management and updates to the global lineage user interface.

Changelog 2.2

This release introduces a new integration for Looker.

Changelog 2.1

This release introduces new integrations (dbt, Tableau, and Apache Airflow), new tumbling window options, support for calendric seasonality detection, and improved catalog search.

Changelog 2.0

This release introduces Data Catalog management and new integrations for Azure Synapse and Microsoft Teams.

Changelog 1.9

This release introduces a new user experience for validator detail pages.

Changelog 1.8

Customization features

Changelog 1.7

New Assets and Activity tabs for Lineage

Changelog 1.6

Revamped UI/UX

Changelog 1.5

Lineage (BETA)