Adding Notification Rules

Notification rules and conditions define the types of issues you want to group and track before sending them to your configured notification channels.

You can view and manage the list of existing rules under Notifications > Rules. The list also displays the creation for each rule. In the ⋮ menu you for each rule, you can access options to Update or Delete the rule.



Validio does not send notifications for backfilled incidents.

Add a New Rule

To add a new notification rule,

  1. Navigate to Notifications > Rules and click + New Rule.
  2. Enter a Name for the notification rule.
  3. Define Conditions to apply to the notification rule.
    1. Select a Condition Type. Each condition type has its own configuration options. For more information, see Configuration Options for Conditions.
    2. After configuring the condition, click Add.
    3. You can add more than one condition to each rule. To add more conditions, repeat Steps i and ii.
    4. When you're done adding conditions, click Continue.
  4. Under Channel, configure where to send the notification.
    1. If you want to apply this rule to an existing channel, select Use existing channel, and select the channel from the list.
    2. If the channel does not exist, select Create a new channel, and configure the channel. For more information, see Adding Notification Channels.

Configuration Options for Conditions

Conditions provide flexible options for defining when the notification rule is triggered and which issues to send as notifications to your designated channel. Validio supports the following condition types:

Condition TypeDescriptionConfiguration Options
OwnerSend notifications based on who is the owner of a source. Owners can be assigned on the Sources and Source Details pages.Select from a list of Owners
SegmentSend notifications based on one or more segmentation key-value pairs.

One segment condition can have multiple key-value pairs. Key-value pairs within a condition are inclusive:


Will match either key-value segment.

If you have multiple segment conditions, the key-value pairs between conditions are used for multi-column segmentation matching:

Condition 1

Condition 2

Will match the specific segment that contains both conditions.
SeveritySend notifications based on their severity.

Note: Only Validator Incidents have a severity. For more information, see About Validator Incidents.
SourceSend notifications only when incidents are generated by the selected sources.All sources
Select from a list of Sources
TagSend notifications when incidents occur on sources or validators containing the selected pre-defined tag.

For example, to notify on incidents from a specific validator on a source, you can tag that validator and then add a tag condition to the notification rule for that tag.

Note: You can only route notifications based on Label tags.
TypeSend notifications when the selected type of issue occurs.Schema change
Validator incident
Source errors
Source segment limit exceeded