About Validator Details

Discover the core of Validio. In the Validator details page you can inspect the metrics and incidents for a selected Validator over the entire data history. Manage the incidents in your data source and trigger follow-up actions.


How to find the Validator details page?

You can navigate to this page by clicking on a specific Validator on the Validators tab.

Validator details for "Mean of `Years_education`".  
Information on segments, historic data and incidents.

Validator details

In the Validator details page you can access the following:

  1. Validator details, segments, and config:
    • Click on a segment to display data for the selected segment in the graph.
    • Click on Config, to view the Validator config tab.
    • By default, the Segments are ordered by number of incidents. You can also use the sort and filter options to:
      • Sort incidents either in ascending or descending order, or on muted Segments.
      • Filter values in the Segments. In a sequence of 0 or more characters, you can add _ to match any single character, or use % as wildcard.
  2. Time range control used to display data within the specified range.
  3. History graph with data and incidents displayed for the specified time range.
    • The granularity of the x-axis is determined by the window size.
    • The graph updates in real-time, if new data comes in and a new window is completed. You do not need to refresh your browser window.
    • Hover on a window to display time range, aggregate statistics (min, max, mean, standard deviation), number of incidents, and the number of datapoints for the window.
  4. View the Incident list for details on each incident.
    • You can click on an incident item to adjust the time range in the history graph and focus on the incident.
    • Click on View details to navigate to the Incident details page.

Validator config tab

In the config tab, you can view the exact Validator configuration and adjust its Threshold settings.

  1. Click on Config to view the Validator config.
  2. Click on Edit to view threshold config.
Validator details - Config pane.

Validator details - Config pane.

  1. Update Threshold settings, such as sensitivity and decision bounds type.
    Note: You can only update the threshold settings for the Threshold type you configured. You can't change the Threshold type.
Validator details - Update Threshold config.

Validator details - Update Threshold config.