About Credentials

Credentials store the authorizations for the user or service accounts you will use to integrate Validio with data sources. When you connect Validio to an integration, such as a data source or a notification channel, the credential authenticates the connection.

When you create a credential, you will configure a set of parameters -- such as a username, password, and hostname -- along with the type of data source it connects to. You can use one credential to connect to multiple sources, as long as the sources require the same authentication.

After you create a credential, Validio will connect to the data source and automatically start to collect information, such as metadata and lineage. This information populates the Catalog and Lineage pages.

Using the Credentials Page

The Credentials page is located at Observability > Credentials. On this page, you can:

  • View the list of existing credentials, with information about its source type and creation date.
  • Mange existing credentials, using the โ‹ฎ menu options:
    • Rename--Change the identifier used to reference the credential in Validio.
    • Update--Edit the configuration, such as replacing the JSON file or changing the username and password.
    • Delete--Remove the credential from Validio.
  • Configure a new credential. For more information, see Adding Credentials.



You cannot delete a credential if it is connected to at least one source. Before you can delete a credential, make sure to first delete all connected sources. For more information, see About Sources.

Adding Credentials

To add a new credential,

  1. Navigate to Observability > Credentials and click + New credential.
  2. Select the Credential type you want to add.
  3. Fill in the credential parameters. The required credential parameters depend on the source type, channel, or BI Tool you are creating the credential for.
  4. Click Create.

Validio will perform a validation step to ensure that the account can be successfully accessed. If validation passes, Validio will automatically start fetching data from the connected account. If validation fails, you can check that you provided the correct parameter values.

Instructions for adding specific credentials are included in the dedicated guides for sources, notification channels, and BI tool integrations. For more information, refer to the following sections of the product documentation: