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About Credentials

Credentials are required to authenticate the connection to a Source

Your Credentials are saved securely in the platform and can be used when connecting to Sources which require the same authentication.

When you configure a new Source, you can either add new or use existing Credentials that are valid for your Source type. For example, you can reuse the same Credential for multiple tables within a BigQuery dataset.

In the Credentials settings page you can:

  • View the list of saved Credentials.
  • Create new Credential.
  • Update, rename, or remove existing Credential.


Permissions and credential parameters

The required Credential parameters depend on the Source type. For example, the credential parameters can include: host, port, username, and password.

Before you configure Credential parameters, the user or service account you use must have permissions to read or write datapoints. The required parameters are listed in the individual Source pages.