Microsoft Teams

Send notifications to a designated Microsoft Teams channel.

Prerequisites for Adding a Microsoft Teams Channel

  • The webhook URL for the specified Microsoft Teams channel. For more information, see Microsoft documentation.
  • The application link URL to Validio.

Add a Microsoft Teams Channel

To add a new channel for Microsoft Teams,

  1. Navigate to Notifications > Channels and click + New Channel.
  2. From the Channel type list, select Microsoft Teams.
  3. Enter the Name, Webhook URL, and Application Link URL to configure the channel. For more information, see Microsoft Teams Configuration Parameters.
  4. (Optional) Test the channel.
  5. Click Create.

Microsoft Teams Configuration Parameters

NameyIdentifier for the channel.
Webhook URLyWebhook URL provided by Microsoft Teams for the specified channel. This allows Validio to send notifications to Microsoft Teams. For more information, see Microsoft documentation.
Application Link URLyURL to the Validio application instance, used to send notifications.

Note: This application link URL is predefined based on the web browser URL to your Validio instance.

Configure the Notifications Content

After adding the Microsoft Teams channel, you can set up notification rules to specify the contents of the notifications that Validio sends to Microsoft Teams. For example, the notification can include the number of incidents and the name of the affected source, the type of validator, filter, and threshold, and so on.

For more information, see Adding Notification Rules.