What is Validio?

The world’s first Deep Data Observability platform — a home for data-driven teams where data quality is solved the right way.

Say goodbye to wasted time debugging data issues and searching for root causes. Empower your teams to make informed decisions and create superior products with the Validio Deep Data Observability platform. Streamlined collaboration brings clarity, quality, and trust to your data-driven initiatives.

With Validio, both data teams and business teams can access a dedicated space tailored to their needs, providing the assurance and confidence required for effective data management. When your data is trustworthy, there is more room for excitement and innovation!

A Deep Data Observability platform

Validio is a Deep Data Observability platform. This means Validio:

  • Validates both data and metadata.
  • Validates data end-to-end, from Data Streams, Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and Query Engines.
  • Validates structured data, as well as semi-structured and complex formats and data types.
  • Validates data using advanced metrics and thresholds, such as relative entropy with seasonality.
  • Is accessible through GUI or CLI interface.
  • Is built for automation-first, with powerful ability to customize.


Feel free to explore our docs, or request a demo and let us show you how to proactively detect and solve data issues, in real-time.


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