Data Handling and Retention

This article discusses the types of data that Validio can access and process, as well as the retention period for each type of data.

Data retention applies mostly to Validio Managed Solution accounts.

If you have a Validio Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) deployment, Valdio does not have access to your raw data or logs and will not provide a backup solution for your installation. For VPC deployments, data retention only applies if you choose to send your performance metrics and error logs to Validio for analysis.

The following table lists the types of data Validio processes and their retention period depending on your deployment.

Type of DataValidio Managed SolutionValidio VPC DeploymentRetention Period
(In Validio)
Raw Data. Only applies to streaming sources, because data is ingested. Does not apply to data warehouse sources, because there is no data ingestion.YN1 hour after the data is processed
Query LogsYN30 days
Logs, metrics, and traces. This data includes performance metrics and application error logs.YY160 days
Daily backups of environments. The backups include configuration and calculated metrics.YN90 days
Anonymized calculated metricsYNIndefinite

1 For Validio VPC deployments, you can opt-out from sending performance metrics and error logs to Validio.



For data warehouse sources, Validio ingests aggregate metrics and not the raw data. The exception is when running the debug query for incidents. The query runs directly against the warehouse and displays the results. This data is not retained.

For more information about Validio deployments, see Validio Managed Solution and Validio VPC Deployment. For more information about how Validio protects your data, see Security and Compliance.