I have set-up pipelines, monitors and alerts but I don't see any data?

Make sure you start the Source connector. You can start the source connector on the connector page

What sources do you support?
We support the major data data warehouses, object stores and streaming tools. We’re constantly adding support for new sources. Please refer to the section Source Connectors for currently supported sources
What can be monitored with Validio?
Validio monitors actual data on a dataset level (validating aggregate metrics like mean or relative entropy), a datapoint level (validating individual datapoints for outliers and anomalies) and metadata (validating ancillary metrics like data volume and freshness)
What are destination connectors?
Destination connectors allow you to write out individual anomalies. Consider 1 billion data points and 0.1% being anomalies (i.e. 1 million anomalies). This can result in extreme alert fatigue. Sinking out these anomalies via destination connectors to a 3rd party integration of your choice allows you to perform custom analysis and processing.
What does real-time data quality monitoring mean?
Validio is built in Rust for real-time processing and validation of individual datapoints in sub-second speed, thus allowing you to catch data failures as they arise.
What is a metric?
  • A metric refers to the quantity or statistics a Monitor and Filter produces and ultimately what’s being validated. An alert can be applied to the metric to determine when the metric should be considered an anomaly.
  • Monitor metric examples: mean, standard deviation, mode, relative time between two timestamps
  • Filter metrics: all filters have the same five metrics - passing, failing, passing percentage, failing percentage, total
  • Learn more on Monitors and Filters introduction page
Should I deploy Validio in my own environment or choose the Managed Solution?
We understand that deployment optionality is important for our customers, that's why we are offering two types of deployment options. We recommend the managed solution for most of our customers since it releases valuable engineering time of managing the Validio platform. In cases where data can't leave the customer's environment due to regulations or security issues, we also offer deployment in a customer's environment.
Will you be available on cloud marketplaces?
Yes, we are currently underway on getting listed on both GCP and AWS marketplaces. Expected launch is Q1 2023