Business Intelligence Tools

Integrating Validio with a Business Intelligence (BI) tool allows Validio to discover and track its metadata and see the lineage and impact of your data incidents on reports and dashboards.

To integrate a BI Tool,

  1. On your BI Tool, create a service account with the appropriate permissions.
  2. In Validio, create a credential that maps to the service account. For more information, see About Credentials. For detailed instructions, refer to the dedicated guides for our supported BI Tool integrations.



Existing catalog assets for data warehouse sources will automatically match with assets discovered for the BI Tool credential during the execution of a catalog job. If you create the Tableau credential and then add the warehouse source credential, you will not see lineage relationships between the warehouse sources and Tableau dashboards until the catalog job for Tableau runs again.

Validio supports integrating with the following BI Tools: