Relative Time

Validating the difference between two date features

Configuration parameters

Parameter name and description Parameter values
1. Name Arbitrary String
2. Target feature List of features with date type
3. Computed metric
  • Max time diff
  • Min time diff
  • Mean time diff
4. Time resolution
  • Second
  • Minute
  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week
  • Year
5. Data time feature List of features with date type

Parameter details

Relative time monitor calculates the time difference on two features for each record:

Time Difference = Timestamp in data time feature - Timestamp in target feature

Computed metric will then be either max, min or mean of the time difference within a batch depending on the chosen option. Note that the difference can be negative if the timestamp in the target feature lies in the future relative to data time feature timestamp.

Time resolution

The time resolution parameter allows you to set a suitable resolution for your use case. All time differences are calculated in seconds, and then converted into the selected resolution. E.g. choosing ‘Minute’ in the following example:

01/06 2022 18:14:19 - 01/06 2022 18:13:09 = 70 seconds = 1.17 minutes