Relative time

Validating the difference between two timestamp fields. Calculates either the mean time difference, minimum time difference, or maximum time difference.


StepRequiredParameters / Options
Validator typeRelative time
ConfigSource field minuend:

Timestamp field to monitor
ConfigSource field minuend
Reference timestamp to subtract (reference)

Minimum difference
Maximum difference
Mean difference
ConfigInitialize with backfill (checkbox)
Source configSegmentation:

1, Select a configured Segmentation
2. Unsegmented (default)
Source configWindow:

Select a configured Window
Source configFilter:

No filter (default)
Null (*1)
Threshold Filter
ThresholdThreshold type:

Fixed threshold
Dynamic threshold
Monotonic threshold

Less than
Less than or equal
Not equal
Greater than
Greater than or equal

Numeric value to threshold on

*1 Only applicable for nullable columns.

*2 Only applicable for Fixed thresholds.

Parameter details

The relative time validator calculates the time difference on two fields for each record:

Time Difference = Source field minuend - Source field subtrahend

The computed metric is then either max, min, or mean of the time difference within a window. The calculated fields must be valid timestamps.


The difference can be negative if the timestamp in the target field lies in the future, relative to data time field timestamp.

Time resolution

The time resolution parameter allows you to set a suitable resolution for your use case. All time differences are calculated in seconds and then converted into the selected resolution.

For example, selecting ‘Minute’ as resolution results in the following:

01/06 2022 18:14:19 - 01/06 2022 18:13:09 = 70 seconds = 1.17 minutes