Prerequisite credentials

You need the following to configure PostgreSQL credentials in the Validio platform:

  • A user account with permissions to access the specified dataset and table.

User account for Source config

We recommended that you create a user account with read access for the Validio platform to ingest data from PostgreSQL.

The following shows an example of setting up a user account in PostgreSQL:

# Assign a user name and password
CREATE USER validio_user WITH password 'password'

# Create a group for the user
CREATE GROUP validio_group;

# Add the user to the created group.
ALTER GROUP validio_group ADD USER validio_user;

The following shows an example of setting up read-only access to a configured table:

# Grant access to the configured <schema>.
GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA "<schema>" TO GROUP validio_group;

# Grant read only access to the configured <table> and <schema>.
GRANT SELECT ON <schema>.<table> TO validio_group;

Credential parameters

NameIdentifier for the credentials. Used when accessing sources.service_acount_product_staging
HostDNS hostname or IP address at which to reach the database server.
PortPort number of the database server.
UserUsername of Postgres account with read access to the desired table.
PasswordPassword of the specified Postgres user.
Default databaseName of the default postgres database where the table to read is included.

Configuration parameters

NameIdentifier for the connector. Used when setting up validators.
DatabaseName of the Postgres database where the table to read from is included.
SchemaName of the schema that contains the table to read from.
TableName of the table from which to ingest data from.
Cron presetDetermines how often to query the bucket for new data based on a preset option.

Select custom to use your own cron expression.
Cron expressionDetermines how often to query the table for new data based on cron expression.

Expression of cron presets are displayed here.

Used to enter your own cron expression.