Relative volume

Compare the difference in row count between two sources.

Validator overview

The relative volume Validator calculates the time difference on two rows for each record:

  • Count ratio: Calculates the ratio between the number of rows in the source and the number of rows in the reference source.
  • Percentage ratio: Calculates the ratio between the percentage of rows in the source and the percentage of rows in the reference source that pass a given Filter criteria.


Validator typeRelative volume-
ConfigMetricCount Ratio
Percentage Ratio
ConfigBackfillInitialize with backfill (checkbox)
Source configFieldNo field (use record) (default)


List of source fields
Source configSegmentation1. Select a configured SegmentationOr

2. Unsegmented (default)
Source configWindowSelect a configured Window
Source configFilterNo filter (default)
Null (*1)
Threshold filter
Reference source configSourceSelect a Source to use as reference source
Reference source configFieldNo field (use record) (default)


List of reference source fields
Reference source configWindowSelect a configured Window
Reference source configWindow offset Select how many Windows you want to offset by
Reference source configNumber of windowsSelect the number of Windows to include
Reference source configFilterNo filter (default)
Null (*1)
Threshold Filter
ThresholdThreshold typeFixed threshold
Dynamic threshold
Threshold✅(*2)OperatorLess than
Less than or equal
Not equal
Greater than
Greater than or equal
Threshold✅(*2)ValueNumeric value to validate threshold on
Threshold✅(*3)SensitivityEnter a numeric value
Threshold✅(*3)Decision bounds typeUpper
Upper and lower (default)

*1 Only applicable for nullable columns.

*2 Only applicable for Fixed thresholds.

*3 Only applicable for Dynamic thresholds.

Configuration details

Reference source

For information on how you configure the reference source, refer to reference source.


Higher sensitivity means that the accepted range of values is narrower, which identifies more anomalies. Conversely, lower sensitivity values imply a wider range of accepted values, which identifies fewer anomalies.