You will need:

  • A service account with permissions to access the specified Pub/Sub topic
  • A base64 encoded service account key in JSON format
  • A subscription on the Pub/Sub topic that the Validio platform will ingest messages from

Service account

It is recommended you create a service account with read-only access for the Validio platform to ingest data from your Pub/Sub topic. Details of these permissions can be found on GCP here.

The following permissions are required:

  • projects.subscriptions.pull

Service account key

  • Obtain a service account key in JSON form for the service account. GCP instructions can be found here
  • Encode the service account key in base64

Pub/Sub subscription

A subscription must be configured for the Validio platform to consume messages from a given topic.

Specifically a subscription must be created with the following:

  • Delivery type: Pull

Pub/Sub configuration parameters

Field Required Description
Name Identifier for the connector. Used when setting up pipelines.
Subscription name Name of the Pub/Sub subscription ingest messages from.
Credentials Base64 encoded form of the service account key in the JSON format.