Source config

Specify which parts of a dataset the Validator monitors from your Source.


We recommend that you create multiple Validators with different source configs to track data on multiple levels. For example, row count daily, weekly, and monthly.

Configuration parameters

For most Validators, the following parameters are included in the source config:


Select a Segmentation option for your source config:

  • Unsegmented
  • A configured segment to subset your data

By default, the Segmentation is set to Unsegmented.

If you apply a configured Segmentation, the Validator can track different segments separately. This gives you more granular insights into your data quality.

For more information, refer to Segmentation.


Select a configured Window used to specify the amount of data or time, over which the Validator operates.

For more information, refer to Windows.


Optionally, select a filter to set a rule to determine which raw data is included in the metric calculation.

For more information, refer to filters.