In the Validators tab on the Source details page, you can view and create Validators.


For more information on Validators, refer to Validators overview.

  1. Click on Validators to show the Validators tab.
  2. View and create Validators from the list of recommendations.
  3. View the graph for a summarized view of incidents from all Validators in the Source.
  4. Filter Validators by searching for Validator name, or clicking Type + or State +. You can sort Validators by clicking on a column, for example Quality.
  5. Click on + New validator, to start the Validator configuration wizard.
  6. View the list of all Validators for the Source. If you click on a specific validator, you navigate to the Validator details page. The list of Validators shows the following details:
    • Validator - Validator name
    • Type - Validator type, for example Numeric, Volume, or Freshness. For more info, refer to the Validator types page.
    • Segmentation - Which Segmentation is applied on the Validator. For more info, refer to the Segmentation page.
    • Quality - Quality is a calculated as number of Windows without incidents / total number of Windows.
    • Last incident - How long ago the last incident was discovered for the Validator. For more info, refer to the Incidents page.
  7. Click on โ‹ฎ menu to see options for renaming or deleting the Validator.