In the Validators tab on the Source details page, you can view and create Validators.


For more information on Validators, refer to Validators overview.

Source details / Source name - Validator tab.

Validators tab in Source details

  1. Click on Validators to show the Validators tab.
  2. Toggle between Existing and Recommended to:
    1. Existing - View your configured Validators.
    2. Recommended - View and create Validators from the list of recommendations.
  3. View the graph for a summarized view of incidents from all Validators in the Source.
  4. Filter or sort the list of Validators.
  5. Click on + New validator, to start the Validator configuration wizard.
  6. View the list of all Validators for the Source. If you click on a specific validator, you navigate to the Validator details page. The list of Validators shows the following details:
    1. Type - Validator type, for example Numeric, Volume, or Freshness. For more info, refer to the Validator types page.
    2. Segmentation - Which Segmentation is applied on the Validator. For more info, refer to the Segmentation page.
    3. Quality - Quality is a calculated as number of Windows without incidents / total number of Windows.
    4. Last incident - How long ago the last incident was discovered for the Validator. For more info, refer to the Incidents page.
  7. Click on ⋮ menu to see options for renaming or deleting the Validator.