About the Overview Page

The Overview page displays a summary of your Validio system setup, status, and recent activities.

The Overview page in Validio

The Overview page in Validio

Data Quality Score

The Data Quality score is a measure of the data quality and will be calculated for each Segment, Validator, and Source. On the Overview page, the quality score is presented as a percentage that shows the overall data quality across all of your Sources, taking the average over a period of one month back in time.

The quality score is calculated as the number of incidents weighted by their severity and divided by the number of windows:

quality = 100 * (1 - (highSeverityCount * 3 + mediumSeverityCount * 2 + lowSeverityCount) / (highSeverityCount * 3 + mediumSeverityCount * 2 + lowSeverityCount + nonAnomaliesCount))

A quality score of 100% represents the case where no incidents have occurred during the lookback period. A quality score of 0% represents the case when all monitored metrics are causing incidents with high severity. For intermediate cases, the quality score is calculated as a weighted average of the incident severities.

Because of the severity weighting, high-severity incidents will reduce the quality score more than low-severity ones. Also, the score is normalized by the number of windows, so you will see the score change as you change the timeframe of the incidents graph.

Validio assigns the following color scheme when the data quality is displayed in graphs and tables:

  • Score equal or above 90% → Green
  • Score between 60% and 90% → Yellow
  • Score below 60% → Red

Coverage Score

The Coverage score is a measure of how well you are monitoring your critical fields with validators. Having both Freshness and Row Count validators (either unsegmented or segmented) is recommended by Validio to check for data uptime and therefore account for 50% of the score. The remaining 50% is calculated from the proportion of fields that have a validator:

coverage = (has_freshness + has_row_count) * 0.25 + (number fields with validator / total fields in schema) * 0.5

Validio assigns the following color scheme to represent the coverage score:

  • Score equal or above 50% → Green
  • Score between 30% and 50% → Yellow
  • Score below 30% → Red

The following table illustrates examples of coverage score calculation and color assignment.

Freshness and Row Count validators50% (25% each)Green
Just Freshness (or just Row Count) validator25%Red
Freshness, Row Count, and 5 of 16 different fields of the schema have a validator66%Green
3 Numeric validators out of 11 fields14%Red

Installation in Numbers

Shows a summary of your system installation:

  • Sources--The number of configured Sources.
  • Validators--The number of configured Validators.
  • Segments--The number of fields with Segmentation applied.
  • Coverage--The number of fields with Validators per total number of fields.
  • Users--The number of users.

Recent Activity

Shows a list of activities that occurred in your Validio system in the past 7 days.

Onboarding Cards

Depending on the state of your installation, Validio suggests options for configuring components or adding new users in your system.