Home Page

The Home page gives an overview and summary of the latest activities and notifications

Navigating to the home page

Click on the menu button in the upper left corner of any page and select the 1. Home menu item.


Accessing the home page through menu in the UI

Home page overview


1. Connectors summary

This section lists all of the connectors that might have issues. We highlight connectors that are unused in pipelines, connectors that have been terminated and likely need to be restarted, and connectors that have ended up in an error state. You can click on the connector for more details.

2. System status

This section shows a summary of the system health. If there are issues with any of the services, then there will be a warning directing you to the system page for more information. If all services are working as expected, then you will see a large green check mark.

3. Notifications

This section shows a list of the latest notifications that have been sent out for any pipeline with an attached notification rule. See Notifications for more details.

4. Pipeline activity

This section shows a list of the pipelines that are generating the most alarms, ordered by the alarm fraction (i.e. total number of alarms per processed time point). Each pipeline shows a summary graph of the total number of events per time point in gray and the total number of alarms overlaid in red. You can click on one of the pipelines to navigate to the pipeline details page for more details.