View a summary of your system setup, system status and displays recent activities in your Validio system.

Overview - Summary.

Overview - Summary.

Data quality score

Shows the overall data quality across all of your Sources.

Schema coverage

Shows the overall schema coverage across all fields on your Sources.

Installation in numbers

Shows a summary of your system installation:

  • Sources: number of configured Sources
  • Destinations: number of configured Destinations
  • Validators: number of configured Validators
  • Segments: number of fields with applied Segmentation
  • Coverage: number of fields with Validators/total number of fields
  • Users: number of users in the Validio system

Recent activity

Shows a list of activities that occurred in your Validio system in the past 7 days.

Onboarding cards

Depending on the state of your installation, Validio suggests options for configuring components or adding new users in your system.