Add Channels to send the notifications to.

1. Add channel

Click + Add to add a new Channel used for Notification rules in the Settings page.

Start the Channel configuration.

Start the Channel configuration.

2. Select Channel type

Select which Channel type you want to configure:


Missing Channels?

Support for notifications through Pagerduty and E-mail is coming soon.

We want to make Validio the world’s best Deep Data Observability platform, and would love your feedback about which channels to support. Let us know at [email protected].

3. Configure a Channel

Complete the required steps for your Channel configuration.

For example, configuration parameters for a Slack channel:

Field / OptionRequiredDescriptionExample
Channel typeβœ…Select which Channel type to send the notifications to.Slack
Nameβœ…Identifier for the Channel, used to configure Notification rules.
Webhook URLβœ…Webhook URL provided by the receiving application. It allows Validio to contact the receiving Channel with notifications.
Application link URLβœ…URL to your Validio application used to send notifications.
Select channel type and configure the Channel.

Select channel type and configure the Channel.

4. Set-up notification rule

You can now set-up a notification rule using your configured Channel.