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Customer virtual private cloud

When data cannot leave your environment


Managed Solution is a popular deployment option since it releases customer engineering resources to focus on business value driving activities.

With customer virtual private cloud (VPC) deployment, there are two paths to get Validio deployed with differing levels of assistance from the Validio team, depending on customer preference.

1. Validio managed customer VPC

The customer grants escalated privileges on either a dedicated or shared AWS account/GCP project to the deployment team at Validio. For customer VPC deployment, this is the most popular option.

Validio takes care of the entire installation, including provisioning of all resources needed on the cloud provider, such as Kubernetes cluster, load balancers, DNS entries. Then, the Kubernetes cluster is connected to a GitOps repository which Validio manages, to enable installations, upgrades, and maintenance of the Validio platform.


The customer needs to grant the Editor role to the following groups:

and grant the Kubernetes Engine Admin, Logging Admin and Monitoring Admin role to the following group:


The customer needs to create and grant AWSAdministratorAccess to a list of users in Validio’s Deployment Team, provided as part of the Customer Deployment Information document.

2. Self-managed customer VPC

With this approach, Validio don’t have access to the customer's AWS account/GCP project or the Kubernetes cluster.

Instead, Validio grants the customer access to a distribution channel with Validio Helm charts. The customer can then download and install the Validio Helm charts on the EKS or GKE clusters.

While Validio offers support under agreed upon service levels, the customer needs adequate in-house DevOps resources. Since Validio doesn't have the access, these DevOps resources must manage the infrastructure and maintenance of the the Kubernetes cluster. The Customer is responsible to manually handle maintenance and updates.