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In the Source page, you can view, create, and edit Source configurations.

Navigate to the Sources page

  1. Click on Sources in Menu, to navigate to the Sources page.
Navigation menu.

Navigation menu.

Sources page

Start the configuration wizard to configure a new Source or view information on created Sources.

Start configuration wizard

  1. Click on +New Source to start the Source configuration wizard.

Filter & sort

  1. Filter or rearrange the list of sources by applying filters or sorting preferences.

Type, status & date indicators

  1. The indicators display the following:

Type: Source type, for example BigQuery, AWS Redshift, or Snowflake.

Status: Operating status of each source. Possible statuses are:

RunningThe Source is activated and able to process data.
IdleThe Source is stopped and is in an idle state.
PollingThe Source loads data incrementally. This is only allowed from a running state.
BackfillingThe Source backfills historical records and datapoints. This is only allowed from a running state.

Date: Hover on the date to view details on when the Sources was created and updated.

⋮ Menu

  1. Click on ⋮ menu to access options for individual Sources:
  • Start – Set in running state
  • Stop – Set in idle state
  • Backfill – Read all available historical data from your Source
  • Rename – Rename the Source
  • Update Credential - Update the Credential used for the Source
  • Delete – Remove the Source configuration from Validio
Sources / Overview page.

Sources / Overview page.