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Source details

The Source details page allows you to change the state of your Source. You can access separate tabs for Validators, Schema, Windows, Segmentations, and Source Config.

Navigate to the source details page

  1. Click on a Source to navigate to the source details page for that specific Source.
Sources / Overview - Select a source to view details.

Sources / Overview - Select a Source to view details.

Start source

  1. Click on Start to start your Source and begin reading data into Validio.
Source details / Source name - Start source.

Source details / Source name - Start Source.

Source details page

View details for the selected Source or navigate to the various tabs to configure your validation.

Source summary

  1. View source information, change status, initiate backfill, or access menu options:
Indicator / OptionDescription
Source typeIndicates Source type.
Current statusIndicates the current operating status for the Source.
Start / StopStart or stop the Source.
BackfillUse Backfill to load and view historical data. Note: Only available if the Source is started.
MenuAccess option to rename the Source, or update the Credential used by the Source.

Activity pane

  1. Click to show or hide the activity pane:
    • All
    • Events
    • Incidents

The activity pane displays events and incidents in your Source. For example, Source polling, schema updates, and incidents identified by Validators.

Configuration and details tabs

  1. Click on a tab to view and configure validation on your Source:
ValidatorsValidator details, configure new Validator.
SchemaList of fields and field formats included from the Source.
WindowsWindow details, configure new Window.
SegmentationsSegment details, configure new Segmentations.
ConfigUpdate Source configuration parameters.
Source details / Source name - Source summary, activity pane, and tabs.

Source details / Source name - Source summary, activity pane, and tabs.