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Configure notification rules to group incidents before they are sent through the desired notification Channel.

1. Add Notification rule

Click on + Add to set up a new Notification rule.

Start the notification rule wizard.

Start the Notification rule wizard.

2. Configure Notification rule

Configure your Notification rule.

Configuration parameters

StepField / OptionRequiredDescription
ConfigNameIdentifier of the Notification rule.
ConfigNotification typesSelect which notification types to include:

Schema change
Credential failure
Validator Threshold incidents
ConfigSelected Sources only(1)Apply the Notification rule on all sources.
ConfigAll Sources(1)Select specific Source(s) to apply the Notification rule on.
ChannelUse existing Channel(2)Select an existing Channel to configure the Notification rule for.
ChannelCreate new Channel(2)Create a new Channel to configure the Notification rule for.

(1), (2) Select one from each group of alternatives.

Notification rule wizard - notification config.

Notification rule wizard - Notification config.

Notification rule wizard - channel config.

Notification rule wizard - Channel config.

3. Receive notifications

You can now receive notifications on identified Validator incidents or schema changes in your Channel.