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Key concepts

This table contains an overview of the key conceptual parts used across the Validio platform. Each concept is designed to govern their specific logical parts, and have their own configuration wizard.


Map of the territory

We recommend using this table as a reference. Come back if you need a birds eye view of the Validio platform.

Key concepts overview

Concept categoryConcept nameWhat to configureDescription
CredentialsCredentialsConfigure credentials used to access your Source.Credentials are required to authenticate to your source. Different credential parameters are configured depending on your Source type.
ConnectorsSourcesAuthenticate Validio and define a data source to validate.Connector to a data source which enables Validio to read data. Segmentations, Windows, and Validators are defined for each Source.
ConnectorsDestinationsAuthenticate Validio to write identified datapoint anomalies to a Destination.Connector to a data Destination which enables real-time egress of anomalies identified in Validators.
SegmentationSegmentationDefine a segmentation in your source to validate metrics on.Segmentation defines how you want to subset your data, when validating data.

You can think of this as a GROUP BY statement in SQL.
WindowsWindowsDefine a Window in which data is validated in your source.A Window defines a batch of data based on time, count, or field.

For example, what datapoints to include to calculate and validate mean.
ValidatorsValidatorsDefine metric to validate on specified fields with specified Thresholds in your source.The Validator specifies what metric(s) to validate on what fields(s), and what Threshold should be considered acceptable.

For Validators you can also select a defined Segmentation and Window, and configure filters.
NotificationsNotificationsDefine rules for what to include in notifications from your Sources.Define Notification rules of how incidents are grouped before sent to the channel of choice, such as Slack
NotificationsChannelsConfigure which Channels notifications are sent to.You can specify certain tools within your organization that can communicate with Validio directly.

These tools are used as Channels which receive notifications from your Sources.

Key concepts model


This model describes the relationship between different key concepts. It is not a diagram over the services running Validio.

Key concepts model.

Key concepts model.

  1. Credentials are used to authenticate your source connector. One set of Credentials can be used to set up multiple Sources and Destinations, if required permissions exist in the Credentials.

  2. Each Source is connected to one external 3rd party integration, such as Data Warehouse (DWH), Object storage, or Data stream. A Source is defined as one table in a DWH, one topic in a stream or equivalent, or a bucket/folder in an Object storage.

  3. Each Source must have at least one Window to create Validators. One or more Window can be created for each Source. Each Validator requires one configured Window.

  4. Each Source can have one or more segmentation, on specified field(s) used to configure Validators. Each Validator requires one Segmentation; either unsegmented (default) or a custom segmentation.

  5. Each Source can have one or more Validators.

  6. Optionally, a Notification rule can be used to send incidents to specified channels, such as Slack. Each notification rule can include incidents from multiple Sources.

  7. Each Notification rule has a notification Channel attached. The same Channel can be used for multiple Notification rules.

  8. Each Destination is connected to one external 3rd party integration, such as DWH, Object storage, or Data stream. A Destination is defined in the same way as a Source.