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In the Destination page, you can view, update, and create Destination configurations.

Navigate to the destinations page

  1. Click on Destinations in Menu, to navigate to the Destination page.
Navigation menu.

Navigation menu.

Destinations page

Start the configuration wizard to configure a new Destination, view and update created Destinations.


Egress datapoints

For more information on egress datapoints, refer to Destination overview.

Start configuration wizard

  1. Click on + New destination to start the Destination configuration wizard.

Filter & sort

  1. Filter or rearrange the list of sources by applying filters or sorting preferences.

Type & date indicators

  1. The indicators display the following:

Type: Destination type, for example, AWS Redshift or Snowflake.

Date: Hover on the date to view details on when the Destination was created and updated.

โ‹ฎ Menu

  1. Click on โ‹ฎ menu to access options for individual Destinations:
  • Rename โ€“ rename the Destination connector.
  • Update โ€“ update the Destination configuration.
  • Delete โ€“ remove the Destination configuration from Validio.
Destination / Overview page.

Destination / Overview page.

Use destinations in Validators

You select a configured Destination in the Config step, when creating a Validator.


Supported Destination Validators

Destination connectors are currently supported for the Numeric anomaly and Volume Validator types.

Example: You can select a destination when configuring a Volume Validator.

Example: You can select a Destination when configuring a Volume Validator.