Notification Page

The notification page lists recent notifications and lets you set-up notification rules

Navigating to the notifications page

Click on the menu button in the upper left corner of any page and select the 1. Notifications menu item.


Notifications overview

The notifications page is divided into three main sections: Rules, Channels and Notifications, offering an overview of rules and channels that have been created and the latest notifications sent by the platform.


1. Notification rules

This is a list of all notification rules that have been set up. A notification rule defines how often and where notifications triggered by alerts should be sent. The notification rule can later be selected when setting up pipelines.

2. Notification channels

This is a list of all notification channels that have been set up. A notification channel is a reusable configuration of a notification target to where notifications should be sent.

3. Notifications

This is a list of the latest notifications that have been sent by the platform for any pipeline with an attached notification rule. Each notification can consist of multiple alarms triggered by multiple alerts. The name of the pipeline together with the time the notification was sent is shown at the top of the item. Underneath is a list of all alerts that have triggered alarms causing this notification to be sent. The name of the monitor/filter and the name of the alert is shown to the left, to the right is the name of the computed metric used by the alert. You can navigate to the alert and the time range for when the alarm was triggered by clicking on the name of the monitor/filter.