Prepare credentials and permission in Kinesis

Certain credentials and permission need to be in place for Validio to write out data to your Destination:

  • A IAM user with access and permissions to the specified Kinesis stream.
  • Credentials for the IAM user.


Permissions for the IAM user

Certain permissions and roles are required for the IAM user.
For more information, refer to Actions, resources, and condition keys for Amazon Kinesis.

IAM user for Destination config

We recommended that you create an IAM user where the Validio platform is granted access to write records into your Kinesis stream.

The following permissions are required:

  • Action PutRecords; access level Write; resource type stream

Access key

You must supply an Access key and secret key to authenticate to the Kinesis stream.
For more information, refer to Managing access keys for IAM users.

Credential parameters

Nameβœ…Identifier for the Credentials. Used when accessing Destinations.East coast weather forecast
Access keyβœ…Access key with permissions to access the Kinesis stream.AKUEBNDJHA7BJSHJVA6F
Secret keyβœ…Secret key for the specified access key.aslk/KOJHJKBuibhj




Writing data in JSON format

Validio currently supports writing to a Kinesis record in JSON format.

Configuration parameters

Nameβœ…Identifier for the Destination.East coast weather forecast - validated
AWS regionβœ…AWS region that the Kinesis stream is available in.eu-north-1
Stream nameβœ…Name of the stream for writing out data.east-coast-weather-validated
EndpointEndpoint of the AWS service.

This is useful when testing with Amazon Localstack.