Notification rules allow you to group alerts before they are sent through the desired notification channel to avoid being spammed by alerts and get alert fatigue.

Setting up a Channel

Before setting up notification rules you need to set-up a channel where the notifications will be sent to.

1. Press the ‘New notification channel’ button


2. Follow the set-up wizard

3080 3080

Please refer to the dedicated channel pages for set-up details:

  • Slack
  • Pagerduty (support coming soon)
  • E-mail (support coming soon)
  • Webhooks (support coming soon)

Creating a notification rule

1. Press ‘New notification rule’ button on the notification page


2. Complete the notification rule configuration


1. Rule name

Give it a descriptive and memorable name :)

2. Notification channel

Select the channel notifications should be sent to. Note that a channel has to be set-up prior to completing this stage (see further up the page ‘Setting up a Channel’)

3. Wait interval (secs)

All alerts discovered by Validio within the specified Wait interval will be grouped into the same notification before being sent through the channel in order to mitigate alert fatigue.

If the time since the last discovered alert exceeds the specified wait interval, a notification will be sent.

4. Maximum wait interval (secs)

To avoid a potentially infinite loop of alerts being collected and never sent as a notification (in the case of alerts being discovered at a rate always less than wait interval), Maximum wait interval ensures alerts are sent as a notification eventually.

Maximum wait interval starts counting from the oldest unsent alert. In other words, maximum wait interval is the maximal latency you can expect from an alert being discovered to getting notified about it.