What is Validio?

The world’s first Deep Data Observability platform — a home for data-driven teams where data quality is solved the right way.

Say goodbye to wasted time debugging datasets. Say hello to better business decisions and products. Simple and easy collaboration brings clarity, quality, and trust to your data-driven teams.

In Validio, data engineers, data team leads, and business stakeholders alike can find a space curated just for them, with the functionality they need to feel calm and confident about their data. There’s simply more time for excitement when data can be properly trusted!

A Deep Data Observability platform

Unlike Shallow Data Observability platforms, Validio is a Deep Data Observability platform. This means Validio:

  • handles/processes the actual data and metadata
  • can validate data end-to-end in data streams, -lakes, and -warehouses
  • can validate structured data and semi-structured/nested data
  • can validate data at any cadence, whether it be per minute, hourly, or weekly
  • accessible through an intuitive GUI
  • is built for automation-first, with powerful ability to customize


Feel free to explore our docs, or request a demo and let us show you data quality—the right way.


Want to know more? Refer to our article on Deep Data Observability.