Prerequisite credentials

You need the following to configure BigQuery credentials in the Validio platform:

  • A service account with access and permissions to the specified dataset.
  • A JSON file containing the service account key.


Permissions for destinations

Certain permissions and roles are required for the service account.
For more information, refer to GCP - Introduction to IAM.

Service account for Destination config

We recommend that you create a service account where the Validio platform is granted access to create a BigQuery table in the dataset you want to egress data into.

The following role must be assigned to the service account:

  • BigQuery Data Editor roles/bigquery.dataEditor

Service account key

  • Obtain a service account key in JSON file format for your service account.
    For details, refer to Create and delete service account keys.
  • Provide the service account to the Credentials field in Validio by either:
    • Upload the JSON file to the JSON file field.
    • Paste the content of the JSON file into the JSON text field.

Credential parameters

Nameโœ…Identifier for the Credentials. Used when accessing Destinations.service_acount_product_staging
Credentialsโœ…Service account key encoded in base64 from JSON file.

Configuration parameters

Nameโœ…Identifier for the Destination. Used when setting up egress in Validators.East coast weather forecast - validated
Project idโœ…Name of Google Cloud project.weather-forecast
Datasetโœ…Name of the BigQuery dataset where the table is included.east-coat-validated
Tableโœ…Name of the table created when initializing the Destination connector.train-data-validated