Overview and Set-up

Alerts let you define conditions for which a metric should be considered a data quality failure and anomaly

Alert Overview

Once you have your Monitors or Filters set-up tracking your desired data features, it’s time to add some alerts to your monitors and filters.

What an alert simply does, is to define when a metric tracked by a Monitor or a Filter should be alerted for.


Each Monitor and Filter can have as many alerts as you want


You need to set-up a Channel and a Notification rule to get notifications about alerts

Validio currently supports six types of alerts:

Alert name Description Example use case Applicable metric data types Test type
Smart Smart alerts calculate dynamic auto-thresholds for the metric based on statistical methods. Includes user adjustable sensitivity and smoothing parameters Track hourly average of sales to detect anomalies Numeric metrics Statistical and ML- based tests enabling quick set-up and coverage of multiple tests. Alerts are adaptive and will change dynamically to the data
Seasonal Can be thought of as an extension of ‘Smart’ alerts, used when known seasonality exists in the data and should be accounted for Track monthly average sales volume, knowing that December sales volume is usually higher due to holidays Numeric metrics
Range Evaluates if metric is between or outside a specified range Track all values in ‘Test score’ are between 0-100 Numeric metrics Manual tests to transfer domain knowledge
Threshold Performs comparison operations between metric and specified numeric threshold, i.e. <,>, <=, >=, =, != Check that no values in ‘Age’ feature is less than zero Numeric metrics
Monotonic Performs comparison operations between latest calculated metric and second latest calculated metrics, i.e. <,>, <=, >=, =, != Check that each ‘row count’ metric is bigger than the last - i.e. to check that the table is updated with at least one record each batch Numeric metrics
String Evaluates string metrics, including ‘Is empty/Is not empty’ and comparison operators to specified reference strings such as ‘Starts with / Ends with’ etc. Alert when ‘Mode’ of ‘Country’ is different than specified String value - to e.g. check for if bestseller country has changed in a e-commerce transaction table String metrics

Alert set-up

1. Navigate to the dashboard of the Monitor or Filter you want to set-up the alert for and find the ‘New Alert button’


Depending on the data type of the metric, certain Alert types will be grayed out and not available for that metric type

2. Choose the Alert you want to apply

3. Configure the Alert

The last configuration step is dependent on the type of chosen Alert. Refer to the section for each alert type in the navigation menu or the overview table above to see the available configuration.